Root Cause Analysis | 8 Steps of RCA

Root Cause Analysis or RCA:

Root Cause Analysis is the frequently used and Popular Method to aid to catch the exact reason of a problem. It will help you to find out the primary cause of the problem, so that we can determine what happened, why it happened and also formulate the Prevention so that problem will not occur again.
It’s a vital part of the Continual Improvement.

Root Cause Analysis Process:-

Root Cause Analysis has Eight Steps:

Root Cause Analysis Steps
Step One:

Define the Problem: – This step will help you to understand the problem definition.

Step Two:

Identification of Problem: – What exactly happening, Where the problem is being occurred and what is the symptoms of the problem.

Step Three:

Collect Data – Before collecting the Data, You have to plot the Pareto Chart of Existing Past data for last six month at least. Then formulate the template according to the higher contributing causes by the help of Pareto Principle (80/20 rules). Set up the Template machine wise, process-wise and shift wise etc. At least collect the data for three months.

Download [Pareto Chart Template].

Step Four:

 Represent The Potential Cause: – Now you have to plot the Pareto chart with the Present collecting data. Next, to apply the Pareto principle to identify the Problems among the set, those are coming under the 80% contribution.

All Problems these are coming under the 80% contribution need to be plot the Fishbone Diagram individually to represent the Potential Causes.

Download [Fishbone Diagram Template].

Step Five:

Find out the significant Causes: – Hypothesis test needs to be executed here to find out the significant reasons.

For example, let we have taken the Shrinkage as the problem, which is coming under the 80% contribution (Decision will come from Pareto chart considering with its Principle rules).  Let Shrinkage has the three potential causes as [1] High Pouring Temperature, [2] Wrong Gating System Design, [3] High Carbon Equivalent. To find out the significant causes among the three problems. We have to do the Hypothesis test as per the below pattern as

[1] High Pouring Temperature vs. Shrinkage.

[2] Wrong Gating System Design vs. Shrinkage

[3]High Carbon equivalent vs. Shrinkage.

After doing the hypothesis testing as per the above pattern, one or number of causes will come to the point as significant Causes.

Now you have to follow the step six to identify the Root Cause.

Step Six:

Identify the Root Causes:-

Before you execute the root cause identification. All Significant causes need to be listed up. Thereafter we have to do the Why-Why Analysis of all individual significant causes until to get the Root Causes.

Step Seven:

CAPA: Corrective and Preventive Action Plan to be Prepared.

Click here to know more about the CAPA Process.

Download [CAPA Format / Template].

Step Eight:

Effectiveness of CAPA: – After implementation of CAPA, Trend Analysis need to be plotted to figure out the effectiveness of CAPA or Action Plan. If the Action Plan will fully effective then control mechanism and action plan need to the incorporated in relevant documents (e.g. FMEA, SOP, Control Plan etc.).

Download [Root Cause Analysis PPT].

Root Cause Analysis Tools:

[1] Pareto Chart

[2] Fishbone Diagram

[3] Hypothesis tools

[4] 5 Whys

Useful Articles:

[1] 7QC Tools For Problem Solving.

[2] Kaizen.

[3] OEE Calculation.

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