Implementation of KAIZEN in Industry

Implementation of KAIZEN in Industry:

Implementation of KAIZEN in Industry is the most important key to Industry for Continuous Improvement in any types of Losses or Waste. But the sustaining of any types of kaizen is the question mark to the industry. Many industries try their best to implement the kaizen at initial stage is becoming a successful. but sustaining the continuous improvement program is very difficult. Kaizen is the Key Input to all types of Business system standard. We will discuss here details about the comprehensive steps of KAIZEN implementation program and it’s Sustainability.

Step-1: Identify the Big Losses or Wastage in process or Areas

Based on the Historical data you have to select the higher contribution losses among the sets of different types of Losses in a particular process where you would like to Improve. Basically Pareto chart you can use for identify the Loss contribution among the sets of losses.

Step-2 Formation of Team

It is the same as what generally the all types of project team are made. The Process or Section In-charge will be the leader of Kaizen Project.  and other team Members should be from different functions such as production, quality, development, maintenance etc. Now leader will give contribution to clarify the individual roles and responsibility of each and every member. Responsibility and Activity Matrix need to be Prepared before going to next step. Here is the one example of Activity matrix.

Activity Matrix of Kaizen:

Activity Matrix is the helping tools for successful Implementation of KAIZEN in Industry

Project Name   Leader of Project   Project Start On   Project Complete On
Member Name Activities Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Remarks
Mr. X A1


W1 W2


W2 W3




Note: Review of Project should be on daily basis.










Download Activity Matrix of Kaizen

Step-3 Collection of Data

Before collection of data, you have to identify the potential cause of Problem. Data need to be collected for better understanding the correlation between potential cause and problem.

Step-4 Analysis

This step is the most important step for action. Here you have to do why-why analysis. And need to follow the narrow steps of Brainstorming to identify the Root cause through involvement of each individual members of team.

Step-5 Implementation of Project

Here aforesaid Kaizen Activity Matrix need to be executed for successfully implementation of Project or you can also laid down the milestone chart or Gantt chart for implementation of project. During the Project implementation budget need to consider.

Step-6 Achievement of Kaizen Goal

Check up the result of kaizen and also effectiveness. Address the Tangible and Intangible benefits.

Step-7 Standardization

The job is not over yet.  here you have to prepare the SOP, Filled up Kaizen template, need to impart the awareness about kaizen benefit etc. This will call for making those as a working system.  Horizontal deployment over similar area will gives you the strength to organization as cumulative tangible and intangible benefits.

Step-8 Sustenance

In step Sustenance, Sustainability Kaizen audit on minimum monthly basis need to carried out.


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