Fishbone Diagram Template With Example

Download the Fishbone Diagram Template by click on the below figure. Fishbone Diagram will help you to represent the Potential causes of a Problem.
Fishbone Diagram Template

How to Use Fishbone Diagram Template:
Fishbone Diagram Template


Step-1: Download the Fishbone Diagram Template (Link is given in top otherwise Click Here).

Step-2: Enter the Name of Problem in Red Highlighted Box, marked in excel template (e.g. refer to the above Figure-1 for easy understanding)

Step-3: Identifies and then enter the Potential causes in Sky color box in excel template under Man, Machines, Material, Method, Measurement, and Environment. 

How to Identify the Potential Causes of a Problem:

Step-1: To make a CFT Team (Cross Functional team). Members of CFT should be from different and different process/ area or Department. E.g. someone from production, Quality, technical, R&D, Maintenance etc.

Step-2: Individually identify the Causes through Brainstorming.

Step-3:  Before you identify the causes by all team members, you have to list up all causes without any repetition. Next all members of team should be seat together to identify the new causes through Brainstorming. And finally, do the list up of all causes identify by individual and team.

Step-4: Represent the all potential causes in Cause and Effect Diagram Template or Fishbone Diagram Template or Ishikawa Diagram Template.

Step-5: Identify the Significant Causes by the help of Hypothesis testing.

Step-6: Do the Why- why Analysis to identify the Root Cause

Step-7: Take the Corrective and Preventive Action on Root cause.


I have taken a Problem from Iron casting Process as Shrinkage. Here I need to represent the Potential causes of Shrinkage in Fishbone Diagram Template or Cause & Effect Diagram Template or Ishikawa Diagram template. First of all I made a CFT team considering with the members from Production process, quality, Development and Maintenance Department.

Instructed to all members to identify the Potential cause relevant to their work function in individually through Brainstorming. Next collected the all Potential causes. And then call a meeting for further identification of Causes together with all members through Brainstorming. List up all Causes and represent those in Fishbone Diagram Template, just like below figure.  

Fishbone Diagram Example
Benefits of Fishbone Diagram:
  • It Represents and displays the relationship of potential causes w.r.t Problem: – All Possible causes will represent them under which category among the man, machines, method, measurement, material, and environment.
  • Accumulate the possible Reasons in a single diagram: – It will very difficult to resolve the problem without any idea of Possible or Potential causes of any problem. So this diagram will show you all the causes simultaneously.
  • Involvement in Brainstorming: – It will help you to boost and structure the brainstorming to identify the possible causes or reasons.
  • It will help you to maintain the team focus to achieve the common goal: – As you know that the team mission is to achieve the common goal means to identify the possible causes or reasons. All team members will identify the Causes or Reasons individually and together in team to list up the possible causes.

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