Risk Register | Download Risk Register Template:

Download Risk Register Template:

Risk Register, Hello Friend, Here we will describe how to use the Risk register with Example.

Download the Risk Register Template in Excel.

Risk Register

Download the Risk Register Template in Word.

Risk Register

Risk Register Template in Pdf.

Risk Register

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How to Use Risk Register Template:

Step-1: Download the Above Template by simply click on the Download link.

Step-2: Read carefully the terminology.

Step-3: Severity Table is given in Excel Template in Separate Sheet, So don’t forget to download the Excel Template.

Step-4: Read carefully the sample example written in Red colour in Template.

Example: Before I describe to the Template, Please go through the below figure.

Risk Register Template

[1] Risk ID: Unique identification of each and every identified risk.

[2] Date Raised: When the risks was identified.

[3] Risk Description: Details about the Risk.

[4] Mitigating Action: Action to eliminate the Impact of Risk.

[5] Contingent Action: Action to eliminate the re-occurrence of Risk.

Here, in the above Figure I have taken an Example about Customer complain. So let’s get started with details about the above Complain.

High Line rejection at Customer end was the Risk which has the score value 6 and severity is coming under the High Level. The criteria of probability and impact are depending upon the organization decision. For a sample basis I have taken the severity ranking according to the below data as;

severity table

Mitigation plan has taken w.r.t the Root Cause Analysis, so here Increase the core curing time was the corrective action and contingent action is the Preventive action. Which is “Core curing time is being maintained shift wise”.


Q1: Where can we use this template?

A1: You can use this template in Project management, Risk Management, for identify the QMS, EMS OHSAS and Business related risk.

Q2: Who will decide the Criteria of Probability, Impact and Severity?

A2: Organisation itself will decide the criteria as what it would be?

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