OEE Calculation-How To Calculate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with Example

OEE Calculation-How To Calculate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with Example:-

OEE Calculation is the simple calculation which is multiplied by availability, Performance and Quality. It is a methodology to measure the  productivity of Process industries. If you manufacturing process OEE indicating 100%, It means your are Producing as fast as possible with low or no down times. Different types of losses are generally indicated through OEE, also it improve the Manufacturing Productivity and Equipment health.

OEE = A x P x Q




Availability = Run Time / Production Planned Time.

,(Run Time = Production Planned Time − Stop Time, Stop Time (or Down time)=Unplanned or Planned Stops or both).

Stop Time is termed as the total time of Unplanned and Planned Stops or Total down times which may run the machine but due to the breakdown, machine unable to run.

Planned Stops is the total time taken due to  Mould or tools changeovers , Preventive maintenance or First piece quality checking time etc.

Unplanned stops is the total time taken due to the equipment or machine failure.


Performance = Ideal Time × Total Counts  / Run Time.

It takes basically on minor  Stoppage ,Slow cycle times  or Reduced speed.


Quality = Good Count / Total Count


Common Losses in Industries:

OEE Common Losses Details
Availability Loss Unplanned stoppages Equipment failure or machine failures
Planned stoppages Mould changeover, Preventive maintenance, Set-up and adjustments
Performance Loss Small stoppages Minor Stoppages
Slow Cycles Speed reduction
Quality loss Production rejections Defects of Process
Start-up Rejections Defects of process


Availability Loss:-

It is the total losses due to the Unplanned and planned Stoppages.

Equipment failure or Machine Failures:

Total down time or stoppages due to the Equipment failure or Machine Failures.

Any types of Tooling failure, Unavailability of alternative tools so that awaited time for alternative tools, breakdowns and unplanned maintenance,no operators,Shortages of raw materials, Critical maintenance parts  are the Potential causes of Equipment failure.

Setup and adjustments Losses (Mould changeover, Preventive maintenance):

Setup and Adjustments time is the total losses time of Mould/tools changeover time, Planned maintenance time, cleaning time ,First Piece inspection times.

Performance Loss:- 

It is the total Losses due to the minor stoppages and Slow Production Cycle times.

Minor stoppages:-

Minor stoppages is the small down time which take maximum two minutes.

Material jams, obstructed product flow, Incorrect settings, misaligned or blocked sensors, Unintentionally open of safety Doors of machine are the Potential causes of Minor Stoppages.

Generally in TPM those loss time to stoppages are coming under the White tags are minor stoppages.

Speed Reduction:

Total losses time due to slow production cycles.

Quality loss :-

quality defects is the total loss time due to the Rework of Product, scrap and process PPM.

Defects of process:

Defects of process are the Total Scrap or PPM and The loss time for reworks.

How To Calculate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

OEE Calculation is described here with Examples.

Below data are given for one shift only

Item Data
Shift Length 8 hours (8*60=480 Minutes)
Breaks ( Tea and Lunch) 50 minute
Downtime 55 Minutes
Ideal Cycle Time 1.0 Seconds
Total Production 20000 Pieces
Reject Quantity 320 Pieces
Availability Performance Quality
A= Run Time / Planned Production Time

A=375 minutes / 430 minutes = 0.8720 (87.20%)

Run Time=Planned Production Time − Stop Time

Run Time=430 minutes − 55minutes = 375 minutes

Planned Production Time

=Shift Length − Breaks

=480 minutes − 50 minutes = 430 minutes

P= (Ideal Cycle Time × Total Count) / Run Time

P= (1.0 seconds × 20000 Pcs) / (375 minutes × 60 seconds) = 0.8888 (88.88%)

Q= Good Count / Total Count

Q=19680 pcs / 20000 pcs = 0.9840 (98.40%)

Good Count =

Total Count − Reject Count

=20000 Pcs − 320 Pcs = 19680 Pcs

OEE= A X P X Q =0.8720 × 0.8888 × 0.9840 = 0.7626 (76.26%)

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