How to do Capability Analysis by Minitab 18? | Minitab Process Capability Tutorial

Minitab Process Capability Free Tutorial |Capability Analysis by Minitab:

Hello! Readers, today we will guide you to learn a new topic as “how to do the Capability Analysis by Minitab18?” as you know that how process capability (Cp, Cpk) is important to know the Process consistency or Stability. To delight and enhance the customer requirement and to get the defect-free product, all critical process’s characteristics capability analysis is supposed to Monitor. 

Download Minitab Process Capability Tutorial.

The Customer has generally mentioned the value of Process capability and its index in CSR (Customer Specific requirement or Voice of Customer or Critical to Quality). Even after, Supplier can set their own level of Process capability index value considering with CSR and other requirements. Basically, startup company are set up the value as 1.33 at the initial stage and then to further improvement to 1.67, next 2 and onwards.

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Minitab Process Capability Tutorial (Step by Step guide):


When you will open the Minitab 18, the main screen will appear like below.

Minitab Process Capability

let’s get started with an Example, A sheet metal manufacturing company was producing Brake pad. The length of the Brake pad was 150±1mm. After stabilizing the process at “Blanking operation”, Process QC Engineer starts to analysis the Process capability and calculates the Cp & Cpk by using Minitab-18.

We would like to help my all readers to know on How to do Capability Analysis by Minitab 18?

We are having 100 numbers of data readings w.r.t below specifications as;

Subgroup Size=5, Brake pad Length=150±1mm (LSL=149, µ=150, USL=151).

Date Observations
12.03.2019 149.9
12.03.2019 149.3
12.03.2019 149.5
12.03.2019 149.8
12.03.2019 149.9
12.03.2019 149.8
12.03.2019 149.8
12.03.2019 149.8
12.03.2019 149.7
12.03.2019 150
12.03.2019 150.1



13.03.2019 149.5
13.03.2019 149.5
13.03.2019 149.8
13.03.2019 150.4
13.03.2019 150.4
13.03.2019 150.3
13.03.2019 150.4
13.03.2019 150.3
13.03.2019 150.3
13.03.2019 150.2
Minitab Process Capability

Now, you have to enter all readings in Minitab’s sheet.


Next, you have to select the capability analysis option from Minitab’s Icon. Just follow the serial number sequence from 1 to 4 as shown in below fire for selecting capability analysis option.

[Start>>Quality Tools>>Capability Analysis>>Normal].

Minitab Process Capability

After, selecting the Capability Analysis option, Dialog Box will appear on screen just like below. Now, you have to set up some value in a dialog box, just go through the below figure to understand better, here we have already filled up the value w.r.t Brake pad’s specs. (Length=150±1mm, subgroup size=5). Finally after set-up the value you are expected to click on “ok” option in the dialog box.

Minitab Process Capability

Finally, after selecting the “ok” option in the dialog box, your Process Capability value and the graph will ready, just like below;

Minitab Process Capability
Process capability Report:

Process capability (within), Cp: 1.97

Cpk, Process capability index (within): 1.97

Process Performance (overall), Pp: 1.20

Ppk, Process performance index (overall): 1.20

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