Control Chart in Minitab | How to plot a Control Chart in Minitab 18

How to Create a Control Chart by Minitab 18 | Minitab Control Chart :

Hi! Reader, Today we are going to Learn on how to Create Control Chart in Minitab 18.

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Control Chart is the popular tools to identify the process Variations and causes (Common or Special Cause). If you would like to know more about different types of Control Chart then read “What is SPC?”. You will also like to read on “how to plot a control chart in Excel.

Download Control Chart Excel Template.

Steps of how to Create Control Chart in Minitab 18:


When you will open the Minitab 18, the main screen will appear like below.

Control Chart in Minitab

Let’s take an example here to understand better. We are having 100 numbers reading of a block’s length as,

Length of Block=120±1mm, Subgroup Size=5, Sample frequency=5 sample per hour.

Date Observations/ Reading
12.03.2019 119.5
12.03.2019 119.3
12.03.2019 119.4
12.03.2019 119.5
12.03.2019 119.7
12.03.2019 120
12.03.2019 120.1
12.03.2019 120.5
12.03.2019 120.3
12.03.2019 120.4
12.03.2019 120.4
12.03.2019 120.6
12.03.2019 120.3
12.03.2019 119.7
12.03.2019 119.8
12.03.2019 119.2
12.03.2019 119.5



 13.03.2019 121.1
13.03.2019 120.2
13.03.2019 120.3
13.03.2019 120.4
13.03.2019 120.5
13.03.2019 120.9
13.03.2019 120.8
13.03.2019 120
13.03.2019 120.1
Control Chart in Minitab

As you can see in the above figure, the same 100 numbers reading has been entered in box no.1. Now we are supposed to select the Average and range type Chart (because length readings are variable data and we have taken subgroup size is 5). If you would like to know the selection process of different types of Control Chart then read the articles as “What is SPC?”. Just follow the step-2 to step-5 in the above figure to select the “Average & Range” type control chart.


After selecting the “X-bar & Range chart”, such dialog box will appear on the screen. Now just give more focus on below dialog box, because I will be describing one by one here. In the box no-1, you can able to see the data point’s column. Now you have to select the data point in box no-3, and then enter “5” in box-4. Next, we have to enter labels to write the Title name.

Control Chart in Minitab

Title name

Control Chart in Minitab
1. Enter on Labels.
Control Chart in Minitab
2. Name the title as you wish.

After selecting the data point’s column, subgroup size value and Label, now you have to enter in “ok”. After doing so Control Chart will appear on the screen. 

Control Chart in Minitab

Minitab Control Chart:

Control Chart in Minitab

Q1: How to change the “X” axis value?

A1: Double click on “X” axis then you can able to see a dialog box where you have to click on “time” icon (marked in red color box in below figure) then select the stamp option and next to select the column which you would like to add in “X” axis.

Control Chart in Minitab
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