How to Port Phone Number to other service Provider for both Postpaid & Prepaid

How to Port Phone Number:

Hi! Reader, today we will guide you on How to Port Phone Number to other service Provider for both Postpaid & Prepaid. Before porting you are expected to choose the service provider. Make Ensure that you are an active subscriber of an existing service provider for a minimum period of 90 days. I.e. if you are a new subscriber then you are eligible after 90 days of connectivity. Similarly, you can’t apply for further porting of your mobile number within 90 days of your last porting period. As you are a postpaid user so you have to pay your postpaid bill before you apply for MNP. 

If you have not yet paid your inactive mobile number bill then click on the below link to Pay outstanding bill amount:

1. Vodafone Inactive Mobile Number Bill Payment

2. Airtel Inactive Mobile Number Bill Payment

Step by Step Procedure on How to Port Phone Number |MNP Guide:


You have to send a SMS to 1900. i.e. PORT <Space> Mobile Number.

For Example, Write a SMS as PORT 968XXXXXX and send it to 1900.

After sending the SMS you will receive an auto generated 8 digits Unique Porting Code (UPC) from your donor operator. The first two characters will Alphabets and the remaining 6 digits will be numerical characters.

Note: For J&K Subscriber, They have to dial 1900 to get an UPC.


Contact to a new service provider to whom you would like to port your mobile number for obtaining the CAF (Customer Acquisition Form) & Porting Form.


You are supposed to fill up the CAF & Porting Form.


Submit the duly filled CAF and Porting Form along with necessary document (I.e Local address proof and one copy Photo).

For the same state member, you can provide one of the below document as Local Address Proof

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Voter ID
  3. Pan Card + Telephone / Electric bill
  4. Driving License
  5. Telephone / Electric bill

If you are not in same state member then you may provide any of the below document along with local address proof:

  1. For the student, College ID Card Xerox Copy along with college’s letterhead approves paper with a current mailing address.
  2. For Service holder, ID Card Xerox Copy along with Company letterhead approves paper with a current mailing address.

Submit a paid copy of the last bill issued.


Receive New SIM card from new service provider.

Note: Service provider may charge Rs.4, You can withdraw your porting request within 24 hours of applying but you can’t get back your porting charges.


Now you have to change the old SIM with a new Service Provider’s SIM after the disconnection of current mobile Service.


Q1: How many working days will take for service changeover?

A1: it May take 2 working days for same circle area (Within State) but 4 working days for beyond same circle area (State to state). But for J&K, Assam & North East Service areas, it may take 15 working days.   

Q2: Could I withdraw Porting even after document submission to a new service provider?

A2: Yes, But within 24 hours you have to inform to new service provider regarding MNP withdraw.

Q3: What is expiry date of UPC?

A3: Once you applied for UPC, you will receive an SMS of UPC code along with its expiry date from your donor service provider.

Q4: When will I eligible to apply for MNP?

A4: You are allowed to move to another mobile service provider only after 90 days of the date of activation of your mobile connection or from the date of last porting of your mobile number.

Q5: What is the Process of Prepaid Mobile Number Portability?

A5: Just follow the above Step-1 to Step-7 rather than step-5 (i.e. Step-1 to Step-4, Step-6 & Step-7).

Q6: How to port postpaid Airtel to Vodafone Or postpaid Vodafone to Airtel?

A6: Follow Step-1 to Step-7.

Q7: Could I able to transfer a balance to a new prepaid service provider/ operator?


Q8: How to Port Phone Number from prepaid Airtel to Vodafone?

A8: Follow the Above Step-1 to Step-4, Step-6 and Step-7.

Q9: If I did not port my mobile number before the expiry of UPC then could I able to port my mobile number?

A9: yes, but you have to resend the SMS to generate the New UPC.

Q10: How to Port Phone Number from prepaid Vodafone to Airtel?

A10: Follow the Above Step-1 to Step-4, Step-6 and Step-7.

Q11: Will new Operator charge for porting?

A11: Yes, New Operator may charge Rs. 4

Q12: How to Port Phone Number from Airtel to Vodafone? Or Airtel to Vodafone?

A12: If you’re a Prepaid customer then follow the above Step-1 to Step-4, Step-6 & Step-7, if Postpaid customer, just follow Step-1 to Step-7.

Q13: What is UPC?

A13: Unique Porting Code, which is required for MNP.

Q14: What is MNP?

A14: Mobile Number Portability is the process of porting from one service provider to another.

Q15: could I able to port my mobile number from one circle area to other?

A15: Yes. During the MNP you could choose two options as

  1. One operator to another Operator within the same circle area. Its means within a state.
  2. One state to another state.
Important Information:
If you are a postpaid subscriber, please ensure that you have paid all the dues as per your last bill. Else Click on below link to paid inactive mobile number’s bill:  

Vodafone Inactive Mobile Number Bill Payment

Airtel Inactive Mobile Number Bill Payment  
If you are a Pre-paid subscriber, please note that the balance amount of talk time, if any, at the time of porting will lapse.

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